Market Analyses

Market Analyses to benefit positioning awareness and sales performance.

Market analyses can be actions by themselves or the initial or control step within a broader C&CC intervention programme.

Main market analyses carried out by C&CC are:
- brand awareness analysis
- customer base analysis
- customer needs/ expectations/ perceptions analysis
- customer satisfaction analysis
- customer loyalty analysis
- customer segmentation
- external communication analysis
- performance analysis
- relationships analysis
- external stakeholders analysis

Market Analyses provide an unbiased, accurate and complete picture, to allow the identification of improvement points.

Thanks to specific data, decisions are clear and efficient.


The aim of marketing
is to know and understand
the customer so well
the product or service
fits him and sells itself

Peter Drucker

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     Performance Improvement      Customer Satisfaction

          Customer    Survey        IMPROVEMENT    Focus Group

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          PERFORMANCE     Competition    EXPECTATIONS

The complaining customer
represents a
huge opportunity
for more business
Zig Ziglar

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