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For ERP/ SAP Projects

Facilitating ERP/ SAP implementations to guarantee success.

An ERP/ SAP project is complex and it spams across a whole Company and its Value Chain. This is why C&CC supports ERP/ SAP implementations by providing Project Management and Organizational Change Management services.

To successfully implement an ERP, C&CC contributes with the following services:
1. Project Management: prepare and manage project activities and liaise with the customer
2. Sponsorship: identify and manage key stakeholders so they support the new system and the changes brought about
3. Communication: actions focussed to specific targets to create awareness and the required information level
4. Process Review: to optimize processes, by considering the changes introduced by the new system
5. Re-organizations: organization review, job descriptions and reporting lines update to allow the change
6. Security Levels Review: identify for each system user the access level to data and functions
7. Training: improvement or development of the skills to allow users to work comfortably in the new scenario, at all levels, using various training approaches (support documentation, class-based, coaching, distance learning), both about processes and about the system
8. Support Definition: organization of post-go-live support and change request management processes
9. Follow-up: specific actions to ensure the change takes place and lasts
10. Performance Monitoring: actions and tools to measure performance increase since day 1 after the implementation

Interventions are carried out together with Functional Teams. They concern one or several modules.They can be for brand new implementations or upgrades. In one or several countries. In one or several languages.

C&CC supports ERP/ SAP implementations from a project management and organizational standpoint, to ensure success


  There is one quality
that one must possess
to win, and that is
definiteness of purpose,
the knowledge of what
one wants, and a
burning desire to
possess it
Napoleon Hill

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In order to succeed,
your desire
for success
should be greater than
your fear of failure

Bill Cosby

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