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For Banks and Insurance: "Finance+"

Finance+ is the C&CC solution to improve Banks and Insurance performance.

C&CC conceived and has been successfully implementing at important banks and insurance companies the Ad-Hoc Solution "Finance+", that leads to the effective performance improvement.

"Finance+" has been designed to be rolled out fast and efficiently for the sale of finance products via a complex sales network geographically dispersed.

It identifies improvement areas and it acts sharply, to lead to sales results improvement, thanks to a higher customer satisfaction, more customer loyalty and a broader customer base.

Thanks to Mystery Client Analyses or to other internal and market analyses, the agencies/ branches/ sales network current status is depicted and possible solutions are recommended to the Customer.

Interventions vary, based on the Customer's priorities and objectives. They spam from processes optimization, to communication improvement, to training, to tools and manuals creation, to end customers data re-organization, to powerful and structured actions on the market.

Analyses and interventions are carried out in all or some agencies/ branches, in phases or as one, to be focussed, to carry out a pilot, or extensively, locally or/ and abroad.

The end result is always measured to confirm to the Customer the objective has been achieved. C&CC follow-up ensures that the end result is rooted and lasting.

Analyses and interventions are complete and focussed, to care for all aspects impacting on performance and customer satisfaction


The toughest thing about
the power of trust is that
it's very difficult to build
and very easy to destroy.
The essence of trust
building is to emphasise
the similarities between
you and the customer

Thomas J. Watson

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The golden rule for
every business man
is this: "Put yourself
in your customer's place"

Orison Swett Marden

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