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C&CC for You

C&CC supports customers in transitions that aim at performance improvement.

The assistance offered includes the following services:
- Change Management
- Performance Improvement
- Project Management
- Analyses
- HR Support and Outsourcing.

Starting from the Board's mandate,
solutions are complete and integrated, always customized to the Customer needs, in order to allow the full and complete adoption of new strategies, by working alongside the Customer.

Interventions are based on detailed analyses that justify the approach, timing and action intensity:
every company is unique, it deserves our maximum attention and quality.

C&CC works in
several industries, with full respect of each specifics: FMCG, Fashion and Luxury, Retail, Mass Retail, Services, Banking, Insurance, Tourism, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Logistics, Manufacturing, Public Sector.


If we don't change,
we don't grow.
If we don't grow,
we aren't really living
Gail Sheehy

Managing Change

In order to make a change happen truly within a company of any complexity, a spot activity is never enough: a series of coordinated actions are required to intervene on several fronts in different areas, all orchestrated jointly with the Board and steering toward one objective only.


A Change Management Programme is always defined specifically, based on the objective, on its proximity, on the gap given by the delta with respect to the initial status and by the geographic and cultural complexity of the organization.

  It is designed to provide successful results.  

It can be addressed to a department, to a cross-process, to a location, to a whole company, to its external stakeholders, ...

A Change Management Programme scope is given by the parties involved

The strength and frequency of actions per target group, are a function of the change magnitude.  

They always say
time changes things,
but you actually
have to change them
Andy Warhol
C&CC Ad-Hoc Solutions

Thanks to the rooted and rich experience in the many industries, C&CC created Ad-Hoc Solutions for:

  - Fashion & Luxury
  - High-Street Retail
  - Mass Retail
  - Banks and Insurance
  - Tourism & Hotellerie
  - Customer Services
  - ERP/ SAP Implementations

Each solution has as objective performance improvement thanks to increased customer satisfaction.

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