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Work with Us

C&CC cooperates with professionals, in order to offer experience and knowledge to Customers.

C&CC teams are made of professionals having the expertise in the interventions and in the industries in which they are invited to collaborate. They are talented people, well capable of teamworking, of providing excellent results and pursuing the Customer's objectives.

If you are a professional, you enjoy working in teams and seek quality, you speak fluently at least one foreign language, you could join one of our teams.

C&CC is interested in collaborating with professionals for the following positions:

- Project Manager:
The position requires a Project Management certification, degree/post-graduate, minimum working experience 7 years in the position, excellent MS Project and MS Office, fluent English, willing to travel

- Trainer:
The position requires degree, minimum working experience 5 years in the position, training development and delivery in behavioural and sales areas, excellent MS Office, fluent English (plus French, Spanish or Mandarin), willing to travel

- Market Analyst:
The position requires good experience of liaising with people of standing and market analysis, nice look and manners, between 22 and 32 year old, fluent English and German - also interesting profiles Russian or Mandarin mother tongue, willing to travel

- Mystery Shopper/ Mystery Customer/ Mystery Guest:
The position requires proved experience in similar position in luxury or prestige tourism, nice look and manners, between 25 and 55 year old, fluent English - also interesting profiles Russian, Mandarin or Japanese mother tongue, willing to travel

C&CC is an equal opportunity employer. If you are interested, please send an updated CV in pdf format and containing a picture to:

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Only motivated and experienced people, to give successful results.


You have to perform
at a consistently
higher level than others.
That's the mark of
a true professional
Joe Paterno



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Trainer     SKILL    Mandarin   PROJECT     Analysis

Chinese    RESULTS   Mystery Guest    DEGREE    Change Manager

SALES    Mystery Client   CONSULTANT   Communication


C&CC manages interventions aiming at
achieving Customer's objectives
thanks to experienced resources, passioned for their job,
oriented to teamwork, quality and success.

The achievements of
an organization
are the results of the
combined efforts
of each individual
Vince Lombardi

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